AMS Medical Laboratories, a leader in providing state-of-the-art, professional medical diagnostic testing , offers physicians , long-term care facilities, home healthcare providers, and more. AMS Medical Labs, your trusted provider of cutting-edge, professional medical testing, offers the following medical diagnostic and lab testing services: Chemistry -Broad spectrum profiles that provide you and your physician and quick look at the overall function of your kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and pancreas. Your physician can then order more specific tests if there are indications of the need for additional testing. Hematology -These tests check for anemia, signs of infection and leukemia. Coagulation- Our innovative tests can analyze the bloods ability to clot or coagulate. This test is typically ordered by physicians looking to determine if a patient has thrombosis (clotting) or is at risk for excessive bleeding (hemophilia). We conduct diagnostic coagulation testing for the following: Bleeding Time, PT-INR, Factor II & V Assays, Fibrinogen Levels, Platelet Count and Partial Thrombin Time. Microbiology testing -As a leader in the medical diagnostic testing space, we provide a host of services to test for the presence of microbes. Immunology -We provide immunologic diagnostic tests to detect the presences of antibodies in a patient’s sample. Toxicology (medication compliance). This test is employed by checking blood, saliva and urine for the presence of for prescription drug, illicit drugs, supplements or vitamins. Toxicology tests are generally used to test employees, athletes, or when drugs are suspected in a life-threatening situation. Molecular testing – Our diagnostic testing that identifies and analyzes biological markers in the genetic code. This is an invaluable medical test for in the diagnosis, detection and monitoring of patient therapies and their effectiveness. Genetic testing (pharmacogenetics)- A unique, pioneering, highly complex diagnostic test that yields highly accurate DNA information. Non-invasive and valid across multiple platforms. This test is especially valuable in measuring a patient’s unique metabolism when it comes to processing prescriptions . This test helps physicians prescribe the proper and safe drug dosage .