Psychiatric physicians

Psychiatry: Medical Diagnostic Labs & Testing:

AMS understands the needs of psychiatric physicians. We are a full-service, CLIA certified laboratory that can provide you with every type of testing that you will need to successfully care for your patient. AMS provides accurate and expedient results for your practice. We offer point-of-care urine testing and oral testing for your patients. Your initial results are within 24-48 hours via immunoassay (with confirmation testing to follow). AMS Laboratory Provides You With: Toxicology specialists / MRO are available for report consultations. Online lab reports and requisitions. Experienced representatives who will integrate our program seamlessly into your practice. Benchmark reports and practice profiles that enable practices to evaluate their drug abuse population. Staff for collection. Point-of-care testing to be reimbursed to the Psychiatrist. State-of-the-art laboratory with the most advanced and technologically superior equipment and procedures AMS is known for our exemplary personalized customer service. We are committed to providing you the BEST service in the industry. Call our number and talk LIVE to a real person who knows you and your practice. No call centers! Reach out to AMS for ANY help and know that immediately we are working on any issue that you may be experiencing. AMS presents personalized medicine by GenetiCare. We are one of the few in-house pharmacogenetics laboratories in the Midwest. You can trust that AMS is committed to providing our clients the most advanced and progressive testing methods available. Pharmacogenetics testing is covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance companies.

WHEN TO TEST A PATIENT? Minimal or no improvement despite aggressive treatment? History of substance abuse treatment with opioids from another physician?  Therapy with buprenorphine/suboxone?   Treatment with frequently abused substances such as benzodiazepines or stimulants? AMS Medical Laboratories customizes your laboratory needs into a plan that works for you. Being a small, family-owned business, we have flexibility where other larger laboratories do not. We can make it simple to obtain your easy-to-read reports and get service fast.