TONY CAMILLO, Vice President/Owner of GenetiCare and Technical Consultant at AMS Medical Laboratory

Education- a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with expertise in Biology, Business Administration and Client Service. Previous Business Expierence: Phlebotomist, Appleton laboratory Laboratory technician, Allied Medical Lab Supervisor, Allied Medical lab Business Manager, Southern Illinois Business Associates Owner, Metroplex Clinical and Research laboratory Laboratory Manager St. Mary’s Hospital Supervisor, Gamma Healthcare Supervisor, American Red Cross Supervisor, Gateway Medical Research Organizations: Board member of the Collinsville Area Recreation District, a Founding Board Member of the Gateway Convention Center, President of the St. Louis Lead Poisoning Coalition, President of the Southwest Select Soccer Club, Director of St. Mary’s Hospital Lead Poisoning task force. “Having been in Laboratory medicine for over 30 years I have seen both the good and bad of Healthcare. As with anything else if the good outweighs the bad then its a win for the good guys. More and more I see new labs starting up for only one reason, to make money, most are owned or operated by individuals with ZERO medical background and who have little regard for the patients they claim to serve. The reason I got into the Healthcare field was to make a difference in the lives of patients and employees. We employ dedicate individuals that share my goal of saving lives. A good bottom line is prudent in business but I am most proud of the Millions of dollars in Federal Superfunds that we brought to children and neighborhoods in East St. Louis to remove lead from contaminated yards through our lead poisoning coalition. Today I take pride in the fact that AMS is the only Lab that offers home visits to homebound patients who otherwise would not get laboratory services and to hundreds of patients that we give medical services to for free that could not otherwise afford to get testing done. Lastly I am blessed to be able to work alongside my Family, not many people get this opportunity and I enjoy everyday working with my wife Debbie, daughter Amanda who is President of AMS and my son Justin who is president of Geneticare. Please give us a chance to prove to you that we are indeed big enough to meet your needs but still small enough to care about your patients.”